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Clicking on any name which is linked will take you to a "Family Group" record for that person. Individuals who did not have children are listed only as children in their parents' Family Group.

  1. First Generation

    Magnus Gometz (1819-1901) and Karna Oldsdotter (1825-1895) and their children.

  2. Second Generation

    1. Fritz N Gometz (1853-1901) and Emilia Jönsson (1858-1922) and their children. Fritz was the only one of Magnus's children to have children.

  3. Third Generation

    1. Ephraim Gometz and family
    2. Benjamin Gometz and family
    3. Emanuel [Emil] Gometz and family
    4. Simon Leopold Gometz and family
    5. Josef Kornelius Gometz and family

Magnus and Karna's descendants, including their children, grandchildren and on down to the seventh generation, total more than 160 people. Their family has scattered to many places in Sweden and the United States. Details of more recent generations are not being placed on these pages to preserve the privacy of family members. However, if you are related and would like to share information and family stories, please contact me.

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