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Third Generation

Ephraim "Ed" Gometz and Elna Matilda Granberg

Ephraim Gometz was born on 21 June 1881 in Munka Ljungby, Kristianstad, Sweden. He came to the United States, arriving at Ellis Island aboard the ship Campania, on 18 Mar. 1898. He went to Hartford, Connecticut and moved to the nearby town of Wethersfield around 1905. He was a painter. He died on 27 Jul. 1951 in Granby, Connecticut. His nickname was Ed.

Elna Matilda Granberg was born on 9 Apr. 1884 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She died 17 Jan. 1958 in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Ephraim and Elna were married on 7 Nov. 1903 in Wethersfield.

  M i Fritz Harold Gometz was born in 1904. He married Lily Hultin and they had two adopted children.
  F ii Ruth Emily Gometz was born in 1906. She married Robert E. Wheeler and they had three children.
  M iii Karl Hugo Gometz was born in 1910. He married Janice Gertrude Orr and they had two children.
  F iv Elsa Marie Gometz was born in 1912. She married Franklin N. Brockett Jr. and they had three children.
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