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Gometz Family: Sources Used

1. Personal correspondence from various members of the family who supplied details including the transcription and translation of the document enrolling Magnus as "Gomez" in 1837.

2. The Swedish censuses for 1880, 1890, and 1900, accessed in September 2008 at the National Archives site, http://www.svar.ra.se. This site provides actual images of the census schedules for 1880 and 1900 along with a transcription. For 1890, there is a transcription only. Magnus and his children are in these censuses as Gomitz. They are the only individuals named Gomitz or Gometz in the country.

3. Vital records (births, deaths, and marriages) included in the databases at Demografisk Databas Södra Sverige, http://www.ddss.nu/. I found 8 records relating to members of this family including marriages for both Magnus and Fritz.

4. Records from the online database, http://www.ellisisland.org/.

5. Soldier's record from the online database, The Central Soldiers Register, at: http://soldat.dis.se/soldater.php. Accessed September 2008.
Document number: SH-04-0039-1837, Gomez, Magnus [Bengtsson], Born: 1819-09-20, Died: 1901-04-05, Regiment: Sk�nes husarregemente, Company: BILLESHOLM, Parish: Bj�rnekulla, File: �storp
Note that his name is given as Gomez.

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