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A Creek Indian Bibliography.
This also has links to files of related information:
Indian Sketches by John Trumbull,
Creek Indians in World War II,
Identification of Indian Claims Commission Exhibits Cited in The Creek Indians and Their Florida Lands, 1740-1823, by James F. Doster.
The Gometz Family: a family history page.
The descendants of Magnus Bengtsson alias Gomitz or Gometz (1819-1901) of Sweden.
Bookmarks: My quick links:
Genealogy: Anywhere, Canada, England, Illinois, Ireland, Italy, New York City & Brooklyn, North Carolina, Sweden.
Full Text, Maps, Native Plants & Gardens, Random, Trivia & Quick Ref.
The Civil War Month by Month, written with a focus on Gaston & Lincoln Counties & North Carolina.
A Number of Things:
My Vita.
The Boring But Necessary Details page for credits, disclaimers, copyright, and contact information.

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