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Legal Matters and the Matter of Manners.

All original files on this web site are copyright (©) by Anne Gometz. Please feel free to print or copy these files for your own personal use or to create a link to them. Do not feel free to copy them to another web site or to distribute them in hard copy or as computer files.

I appreciate hearing from those who have added a link to my site from theirs. If any major changes are made to my files which result in changes in the URLs, I will try to let you know.

If, by any chance, you should find a file on these pages or linked to these pages which you believe is not properly attributed, please let me know.

Credit Where Credit Is Due.

The thumbnail image of "The Wave" by the famous Japanese artist Katushika Hokusai is used courtesy of Mastergraph.Com who have produced a whole cd-rom of these beautiful pictures for use as clipart. Thanks, guys. (As of Oct. 31, 2010 these pictures are not used on my page, but I appreciated being able to use them.)

All Necessary Disclaimers.

This homepage is constructed for my own education and amusement. All opinions, links, etc. have no connection with my former employers, the Gaston County Public Library and Strozier Library, Florida State University. This page is strictly a spare time activity; no county or state paid time was used for its creation.


This page has existed since the first week of May 1997. The original url was

13 October 2006. I have discontinued the "Computer News" section of the Information Wave.

31 October 2010. I have discontinued the Information Wave.

Contact Me.

You can send me mail at: agometz* @ * Remove the spaces and *'s when you type the address.

However, please note:

The Bibliography is still being updated and I am happy to hear about books and articles which might be added. Also, I am always anxious to correct any errors in citations; please write to me if you find one.


[Copyright] [Credits] [Disclaimers] [History] [Contact Me]


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